Thank you for your interest in entering the Greenville Art Car Show on Saturday, May 25th, 2019, in downtown Greenville, Texas!  This page has everything that you need to know about Individual/Team Artist, School/Youth Group, and Non-Profit 501(c)(2) entries!

Art Car Show Entry Fees:

  • Individual Artist / Team of Artists:  $35
  • School or Youth Group:  $35
  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization:  Varies based on annual budget…
  1. $0 – $499,999:  $500
  2. $500,000 – $999,999:  $1,000
  3. $1,000,000+:  $1,500

IF YOU ARE A CORPORATE ENTITY, PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM NOW.  You will need to contact Cody Glenn at for information regarding your entry.

Your completed and submitted application does not guarantee your acceptance into the Greenville Art Car Show.  Each entry must be evaluated to ensure that it complies with our rules and regulations, listed below.  You will be contacted no later than April 25, 2019 regarding acceptance of your submission.  The deadline to submit entries is March 25, 2019.


  • The Greenville Art Car Show reserves the right to refuse any entry, including up until the start of the event.
  • All entries must be suitable for family viewing.
  • All entries must be decorated, embellished, augmented, or otherwise decked out for maximum awesomeness!
  • All entries must have a fire extinguisher (at least 10BC) and must work– so make sure that your entry is in good working condition, has enough gas, fluids, etc.
  • The Greenville Art Car Show will take place rain or shine, so please plan accordingly.
  • Entries must not be taller than 13 foot.
  • If your entry is not street legal, you can tow it or bring it on a trailer.  There will be a place to leave support cars and trailers.
  • If there is fire/pyrotechnics of any kind involved, you must get prior approval from the Greenville Art Car Show to use them at any time before, during, or after the event.
  • Your entry will be required to sit in the sun for several hours.
  • If you are a commercial entry (promoting a business) there is a different entry fee structure.  Contact
  • All wheels must have rubber.  No metal shall make contact with the street at any time.
  • Proper vehicle registration and insurance is the responsibility of the owner.
  • Please go and “like/follow” our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!

Contact Information

Please provide as much information as possible for us to contact you and your team. This will be vital in the days leading up to the car show, as we coordinate times, locations, and other pertinent details.

How you would like to be listed
Please note that we will be sending you very important information on a regular basis, so make sure that you provide an address that you check regularly.
In case there are additional people who should be receiving information.
In case there are additional people who should be receiving information.

About Your Entry

Tell us about your entry into our show! We want to know as much about your vehicle as we can, for the public and for our judges!

This information will be available to the public and our judges, so PLEASE be as descriptive as possible!
We ask if you will require more space so we can plan out the lineup
This helps us plan load-in and load-out
We need to know so we can plan our lineup
We might have something planned, so it helps to know
We have to plan for safety, you know
Pretty self-explanitory
We ask this because its pretty cool to brag about to the media
The photos need to clearly and accurately represent your entry. Sketches are allowed, but please make them easy to view. Also, the clearer the picture, the better.