Cosplay Rules

At Hunt County Comic Expo, we want nothing more than to see some of the amazing costumes and creations that everyone brings to the table.  We know just how talented a lot of you are, and we can’t even begin to emphasize how excited we are to see what you decide to dress up as for our show!

That being said, there are some rules that we have to establish about your cosplays.  They’re pretty much common sense, but we’re asking that you read through them anyway– so here you go:

1.  HCCE is a family oriented event.  For that reason, we’re asking all cosplayers to keep in mind that there will be children of all ages at our show.  No nudity will be tolerated from any cosplayer.  What this means is that your body should at least be covered in the same areas that any swimsuit would cover.

2.  In keeping with #1, we also ask that cosplay depictions of blood and gore be kept to a minimum.  Think “general Halloween gore.”

3.  ANY weapon prop must be an OBVIOUS toy or otherwise safe (we’re talking foam) fabrication.  Nothing that resembles a real weapon will be allowed in.  There will be no tagging or zip ties on props.  No airsoft weapons, no nerf darts, no BB guns, (actual) bladed weapons, or paintball guns.  Cosplays that have blunt object weapons (such as baseball bats, etc.) must have the props made out of lightweight foam or an otherwise soft and safe material.

4.  No projectiles, flames, pyrotechnics, smoke generators, fog machines, or vapors will be allowed.  If you’ve somehow worked one or more of these items into your cosplay, then be aware that you will be turned away at the door.

5.  Any hate symbols or political/religious cosplays will not be tolerated, and will be turned away.

6.  Everyone MUST wear footwear.  If you have a cosplay that requires you to be barefoot, then you’re welcome to remove your shoes long enough to pose for photographs or to participate in the Cosplay Contest– but otherwise, you must wear shoes at all times.

7.  We have a zero tolerance policy on cosplay bullying.  What this means is that if you mock someone or their cosplay, you will be removed from the event.

8.  No liquids or materials that could cause a mess will be permitted inside.  This means that glitter, fake blood, ‘slime’, confetti, or other similar materials will be turned away at the door.  If you somehow make it inside and are caught with these items, you will be asked to leave immediately.

9.  Harassment (including sexual harassment) will not be permitted, in any way, shape, or form.  Inappropriate touching of others, including cosplayers, or making sexual or hateful remarks or unwanted advances towards cosplayers, will result in immediate eviction from our show.

10.  We ask that all attendees ASK before photographing any cosplayers.  It’s just simple manners.