Legal Information

Willing participants in Hunt County Comic Expo, its events, attractions, and other activities, shall defend, idemnify, and hold harmless Hunt County Comic Expo, its owners, volunteers, vendors, employees, agents, affiliates, sponsors, and associates (collectively, “Idemnified Parties”) from and against all allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees and costs) (“Claims”) which arise out of, relate to or result from (1) death or bodily injury or (2) loss of or damage to real property resulting in any negligent act or willful misconduct during setup, breaking, or participation in Hunt County Comic Expo’s events and attractions.

In accordance with privacy law, Hunt County Comic Expo collects information from website form submissions, e-mail contacts, and comments/responses/replies via social media networks.  This information is used internally by Hunt County Comic Expo for the purpose of helping us direct our advertising efforts to those who have indicated an interest in our activities and events.  This information is available solely to Hunt County Comic Expo’s owners/promoters, and third party affiliates whom we use to conduct business.

Hunt County Comic Expo will not sell or make publicly available the names, contact information, or demographic information for those who have submitted information to us.  The information that we collect will be provided to law enforcement officials and agencies upon request, in cooperation with any legal investigation.