November 3rd and 4th marked our first-ever Hunt County Comic Expo, with an amazing response from our fans and followers of all ages who came out to support us and show off some astonishing costuming creations of all shapes and sizes!

We’d like to take a moment and thank everyone who came out to make HCCE a reality!  This means our attendees, our artists, vendors, guests, sponsors, volunteers, and so many more that had something to do with making this show happen, behind the scenes and in front of the spotlight.  We’re already hard at work on 2019’s show and will be releasing announcements and information as we continue to move forward, so rest assured, Hunt County Comic Expo will return!

But in the meantime, don’t worry– we’ve got a lot more lined up for you!  Stay tuned, because we have some great events lined up between now and #HCCE2019!